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Underground cp kids porn

Underground cp kids porn

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Related article: Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 22:46:22 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: FoR SaLE By OwNEr: CK's STuD MuFFiN PaRTy 21You know the drill: The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, of nude picpost continents or islands, in countries, counties, cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods, streets, cul-de-sacs, nor governmental or non-governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then why are you here? Seriously, if guy-to-guy sex stuff makes you barf or is going to screw up your mind, you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of child naked cp age, in most states and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such.% Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.FoR SaLE By OwNEr: CK's STuD MuFFiN PaRTy 21 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee %"Hey guys, look who I met!"Michael and Scotty finally made it out into the sunshine, even though the sun was almost gone, hovering on the horizon. But the first person they meet, whom they know, is Jeremiah Goudon and he's not alone!"Oh?" Scotty says, eyeing up the dude on Jeremiah's arm."Guys, I'd like you to meet Morgan Johnson."And with the same formality as introduced, Morgan returns with a handshake to each, "It's a pleasure to meet you both."Scotty and Michael each accept the hand of cp pussy pics friendship, but on at least Michael's mind is why this dude is being so formal. He wasn't used to people being so, mannerly. Too, he hadn't pictured Jeremiah as being so astute. He figures it so, because of Morgan? But being he has an aching to get into the party scene, dancing and what not, he drags Scotty away as soon as it's not rude to do so."I feel happy for Jeremiah," Scotty remarks to Michael when they've split off."Me too. C'mon! I love this song!"So much for casual conversation, Scotty thinks. cp lol nude angels And maybe Michael wasn't picking up on it, but he sure was, them getting eyefuls of looks at wearing something more than a swimsuit with the word 'speedo' printed on it.One dude walks up to Michael and asks, "Hey, want to trade?"Being a shrewdie, Michael replies, "Sure and you give me fifty bucks?"The dude liked Michael, liked the briefs, but not the price and passed it up.However, wading through the sea of boys, Scotty and Michael did come across some guy with lots of money in his pocket, Berk Atazzi, flanked with two boys on each arm."Oh my! I love it!"Scotty, seeing nokia cp 342 this dude, who looked twice the age of the cp xxx foto boys in his entourage, right away put two and two together, thinking this the guy whom they gossiped about in the kitchen.As for Michael, he had no clue, when Attazi says, "I must have those briefs for my collection!"Grinning, Scotty interrupts Michael tgp cp blogs as he's about to talk, "There's only one pair of briefs like this in the world and Michael is wearing them 'and' they happen to be Nouguet's!""Alex Nouguet? Where is that boy? I 'must' talk with him!"Michael, seeing his boyfriend going somewhere with this, asks, "What about the designer briefs I'm wearing? You want them?"Looking down at Michael's crotch, Berk Atazzi really wanted 'more' than the briefs, but seeing Scotty doing his bidding, relegated to having the briefs, asking, "How much?"Michael's going price was eighty-five bucks, instant-Stud Muffin-inflationary priced, but Scotty jumps in before Michael can get a word out, and based on the kitchen-gossip regarding Atazzi's bank accounts, "Five hundred bucks!"Of cp lovers sex course, not only did Atazzi want the briefs, but at least see what free cp sex was keeping the banana-sock filled up! "Hmm, five hundred you say?"Backing up his lover, Michael says, "Take it or leave it!"Being foxy, wanting to collect right now, thus getting a picture of the background of why the briefs are so stuffed, Atazzi agrees, "Very well." He reaches for the goods.Scotty sticks his hand in between, stopping the transaction with, "We take a check or cash!"Michael flashes a toothy smile, thinking how fun this is, but free privat cp porn too, seeing Scotty commanding the situation, which makes him feel also gratified. Now he's wondering lo cp porn how bad this dude wants the briefs, not oblivious to what lies underneath, of which he has a plan of his own."Hmm," Atazzi says of it, obviously not happy with the tranasaction of paying up front. But reluctantly, he snaps his fingers. A dude, decked out in a speedo, cp porno image carrying a box, appears. "Pay the man," his attention focuses on Scotty.With the five one hundred dollar bills in Scotty's hand, Atazzi smiles at Michael, saying, "Now, the goods?""Sure," Michael says, his thumbs seeping into the sides of the briefs. As he had planned, he had a hidden agenda to removing him, so made sure the coast was clear toon cp sex vids behind him. Running backwards, he xxx cp rompl shouts, "Cowabungah-h-h-h-h-h-h!" Doing a backwards cannonball into the pool, his hands are busy at work depantsing himself."What tha?" the thirty-nine year old buyer is cursing him.Scotty is laughing his sex cp pics ass off, watching Atazzi bend over, picking up the soaked briefs at his feet. "I'd suggest not putting them in a dryer?" And not waiting around for retribute, Scotty takes the plunge as well. Meeting up with Michael in the pool, Scotty awards his lover, "Great plan!""But the pics illegal cp five hundred bucks?" Michael exclaims."Safe and sound," Scotty says, patting his crotch underwater."But it's gonna get all wet!""Yeah, but unlike the briefs, it won't shrink!"Untrue. Already Michael, of getting his hands on it, it definitely would begin shrinking when they get back to civilization and hit the stores!%"C'mon guys! I've got a surprise!"The three, Alex, Kyle and Cristiano had been dancing nonstop for the past twenty minutes. They were no different than the other scores of shirtless dancers, working up a storm of sweat."Where we going?" Kyle asks, moving through the crowd of almost all hairless bods. He stops momentarily upon seeing Michael, but is jerked along. Feeling in a jokester type of mood he grabs Michael's wrist."Hey! Where have you guys been? Where are you taking me?" Michael questions."I'll let you know when we cp top porno get there!" Kyle exclaims, but free privat cp porn a few feet more and they were jumping into one of the swimming pools dotting the landscape.When they all surface, Michael, who is clutching Kyle asks, "Who's Alex's new boyfriend?""Hi!" Cristiano replies, spitting out water. "I don't think we've met yet!""So much for your new boyfriend," Kyle says to Alex when Cristiano swims away, in cp incest gallery favor of Michael.Alex calls out, "Two-timer!"They both laugh.And Michael, having been through enough says it nicely, "I love the way you're holding me, but I don't think my boyfriend will like it too much!""Oh, I'm so sorry," Cristiano sincerely relays it, falling back, allowing his chest to disconnect with Michael, hands sliding from between his arms and ribs.No sooner had Cristiano disengaged, a head pops up out of the water. "I miss anything?"Cristiano replies, "You must be 'the boyfriend'?""Scotty, this is... hey, what's your name?" Michael inquires.Nearby, almost in their circle of friendship, Alex replies, "Guys, this is Cristiano. He's an artist."Michael asks, "Do you do bodypainting?""Haven't yet," Cristiano replies. Obviously, seeing Michael and Scotty partnered off, Alex and Kyle in a hug, he says, "Well maybe I should leave you two, to yourselves."Kyle laughed his ass off, Cristiano swimming away, Alex reaching forwards, tucking his fingers in the back of the artist's speedo, saying, "Hey wait a minute there."Cristiano looks down through the water, "You've got my attention Alex!""Oh!" Alex jokes, sliding his hand out from Cristiano's ass. "Sorry 'bout that!"Being a shrewdie, Kyle says, "No he's not!"Michael adds to the farce, asking, "So what's up besides Alex's china cp porn cock?""You're going down!" Alex yells, taking a leap for Michael.So, while Alex and Michael played like two water sprites, the remaining three gathered for conversation. And somewhere along the edge of the pool, Alex hears his name being called, responding to 'Alex Nouguet?', "That's me!""I paid five hundred bucks for these, so they better not shrink!""Five hundred bucks?" But more flabberghasted than thinking about the price of one of his pair of handmade briefs, cp baby porn he was more ready to burst into laughter, seeing two hairy balls almost bursting at the side seams.He wouldn't mention it, but when it came to speaking his mind, Michael usually did so with reckless abandon, "Whoa! I think you need X-XL's or either that, get children picpost illegal boy a blowjob and empty those vessels!"Laughter all around broke out in harmony, Michael getting lots of splashy slaps on the back for rendering such a good joke.On both sides of Berki Atazzi, his twinks were jovial, concerning Michael's dig and for the thirty-nine year old entrepaneur, he slowly lost his seriousness cp porno child about taking it as an insult. Being a good sport, right there in front of everybody he pushed the briefs down, exposing his 45 acp assault rifle cp illegal sex big, hairy orbs and slingshot it back into the pool, saying, "Well if they are two small... 'I' don't want them!"Michael caught them almost in the face, at least slapping the water, making it splash. He then yells, "What about your five hundred bucks?"Atazzi, walking away, his back towards Michael, turns, smiles and winks, not saying a single boys cp sex thing.Catching what was said, Alex asks, "Five hundred bucks? You sold him the briefs I made you for five hundred bucks?""I'm sorry," Michael replies in a melancholy, sorrowful manner."I'm not! Where's my cut of the five hundred?"It was Michael's turn to have some fun, dunking Alex. But as Alex backs off, in anticipation of having his head pushed underwater, his back slaps up against a guy's chest."Need some help?" came that familiar voice, along with a pair of arms, sliding under Alex's elbows, making them sit in the water, a human lounge chair, Alex elle mcpherson nude parking himself in it."Cristiano?""Hi," Cristiano offers, a toothy grin. "Kyle, Scotty and I had a nice talk, but Kyle said you might need some help against this big brute," he meant Michael, hovering in the water much like a shark wondering whether to attack."Who you calling a big brute?"Alex swam to the side as Michael tore after Cristiano.Instead of getting tangled up in the fun, Alex planed across the water, making a beeline for Kyle and Scotty, pec-deep in the pool."Oops! Sorry!"So intent on reaching the other side, Alex wasn't too careful of the side traffic. "My fault!" he called out."Really? No," the dude said as his hands swung under the water to keep bouyant."Yeah," Alex replies, keeping eye contact. "I was so intent on reaching my partner across the way, I wasn't checking the cross traffic.""Well you aren't the only one. I was headed over there to my former band," he nods, "and I wasn't watching, as you say, the crosstown traffic!""Well I know you weren't with 'Sentinel', so you must have been with T.R.U.N.K.S.!. Which letter are you?""The 'N'," he replied and trying to stick a hand out and keep from deep-sixing himself, he introduces, "I'm the flute player, Maurat Narkargan."Reaching out for Maurat's hand, Alex touched his fingertips, being they were cp real gallery trying to buoy upright in the water. "I'm Alex Nouguet.""I thought so," free privat cp porn Maurat replies."Have we met before? Before the party?" Alex inquires."No, but I know you are the one who makes those japan cp forum skimpy briefs. I think Michael is your sales representative and I have purchased six pair."He sat in the water and from where they were positioned in the pool neither could guess each other's heights. If they touched bottom with their toes, the water would have extended way above their heads."I anal cp art am not much of a swimmer," Maurat says.But even though Alex had asian cp nude sex a distorted view of him in the water, he could already tell, "With your swimmer's build?"Maurat just smiled back.Alex asks, "So is your band done playing? I'd like to hear you some more.""This was the last performance for me. I'm headed off to college full time in the fall, which is not too far away.""Oh? What school?""Manhattan School of Music. It's on the upper West Side," Maurat replies."Manhattan. Sure. One of our friends goes cp xxx foto there. He took some summer lessons and might be in some of your classes," Alex informs him."What is his major?""Trumpet I suspect, even though Carlos plays the xxx cp rompl drums too." And in a fog, "But I've never heard him play the drums. Only the trumpet and he's good!"Thinking Alex kind of cute, Maurat giggles, but realizing he's already committed winds up with, "Maybe I will look for Carlos then."It made for children picpost nude an abrupt breaking off of their conversation, but for Alex he was cp top porno glad, because he wanted to be with Kyle. This time, as he swam through the water he did it mostly as a side stroke, each side, but more cautious. Good thing too because as he approached Kyle, Michael swam right across in front of him, hiding behind Scotty, using him as a shield against Cristano."No fair!" Cristiano complains.Now, standing there kiddy cp porn with the others, Alex did make 45 acp assault rifle an attempt to see if Maurat had reached the band. Funny thing is, when he did, Maurat launched his arm xxx cp rompl in the air and waved to Alex."Who's that?" Scotty asks, the group realizing some dude had china cp porn waved kds porno cp to Alex.Leave it to Michael, the great briefs salesman to say, "That's T.R.U.N.K.S.! flute dude. illegal cp sites He ordered like six dozen briefs.""Six briefs you do-do," Alex says, splashing some water up against Michael's front."Oh! I think I put him down for six dozen!" Michael exclaims, but changes the subject, "I'm hungry from Cristiano chasing me in the pool!""Sure. Go on and blame me," Cristano replies.>From the power of suggestion, Michael's idea set off a chain reaction and everybody was hungry!And as they are hopping out of the pool, Kyle slaps Alex in the chest with the back of his hand, exclaiming, "Hey, where have 'they' been cp sexy hiding?""Who?" And then Alex, recognizing 'whom', in the distance, "Oh yeah... Dr. Azayzeh. Yeah, imagine that... all weekend and we just cp illegal sex run into him and Asaf right now!""And Chris?" Kyle says, walking ahead of Alex. "Who is that hottie ilegal cp sex on his arm?""Beat me!" Alex says, almost doing a light jog to keep abreast.Kyle calls out, "Chris!" Narrowing up the distance, they were turning to walk towards a second area where entertainment blasted out a DJ's tune.By Chris didn't hear. Alex instead, jumps into a full jog, making sure the cross sway of the crowd didn't conflict with his target and became close enough touch Chris' shoulder, tagging him."Hey!" Chris Battani says, tagging his buddy, Asaf, who in turn drags his boyfriend, Mohamed, to a halt.The five hugged like they hadn't seen each other in years. Kyle made it an extra effort to check out best cp porn the fur on Chris' chest!After their excitement calmed, there was one loose wire needing attending to, Alex asking, "So who's your friend, Chris?"Smiling, perhaps a little on the shy side, Chris replies, "This is Wade."On the opposite plane, the guy he's attached to says, hand extended, "Wade Travers," and leaving little for Chris to tell, "I'm moonlighting as security... I'm a criminal justice major at NYU... I don't cp incest gallery have to work this shift, was just wandering around in the crowd and... saw Khalaf. Well Chris," Wade clears the kiddy cp porn air of puzzlement. "I told Chris his name's cool and told him people should call him by his rightful name. Unless he doesn't want to for any reason."Chris says of the whole thing, "It became such a habit to be 'Chris', here in America.""Whatever he wants, we'll go by his decision," Alex reckons."I like underground cp porn how Wade calls me," Chris makes up his mind. So, to set the record straight, right then and there, 'Chris' reverted to his real name."I think it's cool," Kyle says, "but it'll take awhile to get used to calling you Khalaf."He smiled and unashamed, thinking of it to his credit, 'Khalaf states, more than asking opinion, "Isn't Wade great looking?""He could be a model!" Kyle says of him."Yeah," Alex agrees, thinking Khalaf had reason for first bringing it up."The reason Khalaf is bringing it up, Cayman xxx cp rompl had shown some 'interest' in me," Wade says."A-ha! I figured something was up," Alex replies."But not fulltime," Wade tells cp porno image them. "I told him I'm very much into my future career don't want to impair losing anytime from classes."Khalaf says, "So Wade can work around it, Mr. Karlyle says.""Fantastic!" Alex replies. "Isn't it Kyle?""Yeah," Kyle replies, but most likely never heard what was so 'fantastic', nor correctly answered Alex's question, with peering beyond the circle of conversation.Alex followed Kyle's eye, where they were staring.Khalaf brought to light a reason, which might be the explanation for Asaf and Mohamed embracing, kissing, as they stood in the shadow of two overhanging trees, "My friend Asaf is very much in love."Alex confronts Khalaf with the same, "And you?"The two stood in the same spacing, but were unattached as Khalaf replies, "We are friends for kiddy porn cp now.""Nothing wrong with that!" Kyle says."Hey guys?" It was Cristiano da Vinci appearing after kiddy cp porn disappearing when Kyle led Alex off to meet up with their friends.They looked at not Cristiano, by the dude attached to his hand."Guys, I'd like you to meet 'Mr. Right-now'..."but before Cristiano can get it out, Alex and kds porno cp Kyle are exclaiming, "Dante!" Alex further states, "We were wondering what happened to you!" They weren't really. With all the comings and goings and dealing with their own selves, they completely forgot about their other condo-dweller. But it was a good line to show Cristiano they already knew him."Hey guys," Dante reconnects, lo cp porn "I got to talkin' with Cris here and he says he knows you guys." And outspoken, the way Dante can be, "maybe we'll fuck around while we're here and see what happens when we get back to the city."Kyle asks, "Do you mean that literally or...."Cristiano leaves them cp magazine ilegal guessing, "The night is young!"By now, Asaf and Mohamed had finished their 'love business' and were beckoning Wade and Khalaf, so Khalaf says, "See you later. Mohamed calls!""See ya Chris... I mean Khalaf," Kyle replies, Alex waving.When they turn german cp lilita sex back to Cristano, they've vanished, Alex saying of it, "I guess they went to fuck cp real gallery around!""Hey Alex," came a tug at his arm."Ron?" Alex said when he turned around."I met this hot gut-puncher and he wants to see you punch me," Ron replies.Kyle and Alex exchange glances and smiles, Alex telling him, "Look Ron, I don't really want to do it. Who is this guy?""He's over kiddy cp porn at the bar. His name is Jake," cp kids paradise the twenty-seven year old replies.Looking over to the bar, Kyle is still searching, when Alex quips, "Jake, the mud-wrestler?" Alex recalls from a few hours back."Yeah," Ron replies, "says he would have no problem holding back while testing out my abs. But when I mentioned you worked me over....""I didn't 'work you over' Ron," Alex replies."Um, asian cp nude sex ya-see Alex, he was kind of bad-mouthing you and...""Bad-mouthing me?" Alex gets a bit cp porno image perturbed.Kyle too, "Bad-mouthing Alex?""Yeah," Ron continues, "so I kind of stretched the truth, telling him you really pounded my abs hard, and," taking a breath, "he couldn't believe it, and fact of the matter, wants proof."Kyle provokes, "What 'exactly' did Jake say about Alex, Ron?"And all the time Ron is saying words like, 'wimp', 'yellow', and the like, Alex is staring straight ahead as if looking long distance into the pupils of his eyes."He said that about me, did he? Well maybe I should just go ahead and prove it to him!" Alex says adamantly."Cool!" Ron replies."Not cool," Kyle says of it. "Alex, you don't have to do anything.""I know," Alex replies, real cp tgp intently keen on staring at Jake.Seeing Alex not backing down, Kyle reconfigures his opinion, "Then again Alex, I don't think you should let Jake walk all over you."It got Alex's attention, him looking at Kyle, saying, "You just contradicted yourself.""I know." And then Kyle asks Ron, "When do you want your abs bashed?"Up and down went Ron's emotions, both riding on cp links illegal Kyle's change of opinion, but in the finality of decision, Ron, with elation, says, "Right now!""Where?" Alex says, his right fist curled up, molded into a punching machine, his nude sex cp other hand sandpapering it into a nicely finished off tool for tucking in muslced abs."I'll get him. Meet you in the gym in twenty minutes!" Ron replies.Ron, rushing around the edge of the pool, Kyle says, "Alright if I skip this and you got amatures picpost at it alone, Alex?"Smiling, Alex says, "I don't know how I let you talk me into this!"%Copyright 2010 T. Chase McPhee`For Sale By Owner: CK's Stud Muffin Party' may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.The more you stretch, the more you can fit in... 'spread' happiness! TCMcP.....
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